About Us

Mount Mary College was established in the year 2003 & 2011 respectively by the Governing body “MINISTRY OF MOUNT MARY ACADEMY” a registered Society under Society registration Act 1860 with NO.RS/2076 dated 12th August 1987 with the aim to provide higher education within the state of Nagaland.


We are committed to provide an Accountable, Courteous and Effective administrative platform to take education beyond tomorrow. We are committed to a student-centered environment in which the intellectual, cultural, social, physical and recreational needs of students are met. We are committed to continually improve our Quality Management System and develop students as intellectually alive and socially responsible citizens, so as to enable them to meet the future developments and challenges.


We aspire to be a premier Institute of Higher Education, a Centre of Excellence catering to the diverse needs of the student fraternity and of society by providing state-of-the art facilities and stimulating teaching-learning environment to groom them into excellence human resources.


To unlock the multiple facets of the students and to facilitate realization of student’s potential for excellence. To provide them access to a comprehensive array of careers. To promote research culture in order to channelize the spirit of enquiry. To motivate the students for continuous personal and professional growth. To instill moral values to mould them into excellent human resource. To provide homely environment in the institution. To develop students into socially responsible citizens. To achieve status of institution with potential for excellence.


The motto of the college is “Boutez En Avant” in French which means “Go Forward”. The college strongly believes in the growth of human knowledge with education therefore, shall put on every effort to help students go forward by imparting Value education.


The College is affiliated to Nagaland University respectively and will initially provide 10+2 and Bachelor Degree courses in Arts & Commerce streams as per the curriculum and the syllabus prescribed.


The college believes that learning brings modification in the behaviour of human beings and thus, strives to promote a learning attitude among the learners irrespective of caste, creed, religion or sex.


The college shall have a strong quality support system in order to provide effective teaching-learning process and to maintain high standard of quality education.


The college will have such a system of operation which will make public representation in an ethical manner. It shall access its operation in an open and collaboration manner and shall practice fairness, honesty objectivity in dealing with its constituents.


The college system seeks for imaginative and effective solutions to its challenges & innovation means to fulfill its mission.


The college promotes diversity in its policies and practices while preparing its learners to live and work successfully in an increasingly diverse society. It also strives to create diverse learning environments by inviting teachers, learners and other staff with diverse ideas, values, backgrounds and beliefs which may contribute for better.


The college believes that learning process of human life is not complete with the theoretical knowledge only. It will, therefore, adopt such a system on the syllabus prescribed which will stress more on practical work improving the standard of the learners.


The college will take every care to see that the state of the art facilities are provided to every learner. It is taken care to support and improve learners through its Student Support System (SSS). Through this system (SSS), slow learners and others who need additional care and attention shall be taken care of.


The college will take every care to see that the state of the art facilities are provided to every learner. It is taken care to support and improve learners through its Student Support System (SSS). Through this system (SSS), slow learners and others who need additional care and attention shall be taken care of.


The library is well equipped with rich array of prescribed books, periodicals, journal and magazines etc. which will enrich the knowledge of our students to a great extent. The library will also provoke such facility which will help the students and faculty members to have most updated information and references.

The college will also has an e-library facility for students and faculty to search most updated information and references.


The college has a choir team comprising of all the semester students. All those interested and talented in singing can apply for the same.


The college offers an EU group for the spiritual and moral development of the students. The EU will be holding fellowship every Wednesday. There will be a bible study for interested students from Monday to Friday. For further details contact Counseling Department.


The college encourages its students to participate in various games & sports not only for the physical well-being but also to become professionals in the events they are interested in.


The college believes in whole round development of its students and thus to encourage and promote physical & social skills have an array of programmes like the NSS, IRC, Environment Club, Martial Arts and many other social clubs.


The college believes in producing market ready graduates, for which various vocational/skill development courses are offered in the campus. The college has affiliated with AISECT University, DGE&T SDI Scheme (VTP) and also provides its own diplomas. The students shall have an array of option to choose its choice of skills like; IT, Media, Soft Skills, Psychology, Beauty, Fashion, Music etc.


The college has a special international scholarship program for deserving and interested students to continue their studies abroad. The college has tied up with Vision University, College of Jeonju, South Korea. For further detail contact the Counseling Department.


There is a special provision for in campus part time job for those interested and deserving. Those who are interested may contact the Vice Principal (Vocational).


The college believes that neglecting the spiritual needs of the students in this critical period of their life affects not only the academic performance but also their responsibilities to live as an ideal citizen of the country. To impart this holistic education system, the college conduct a spiritual study once a week where every students irrespective of religion, caste & creed are taught on the ways to practice and live a better spiritual life.


The college maintains its own news bulletin where every students and teachers alike are encouraged to utilize their talents and gifts by submitting their ideas, journals and stories etc.


The college believes in the active participation of students in the learning process. In order to encourage such participation and also to mobilize students to take part in decision making, policy making, management, teamwork, social work etc., the college holds student election every year where the elected students gets the opportunity to form a student body.


The college believes that without proper guidance and counseling in choice of career most students are found landing in wrong destinations. The college will, thus, have a career guidance & counseling cell where the teacher-in-charge will organize programmes such as workshop, seminars and symposium on various career opportunities according to the seasons and needs by inviting resource persons or experts or guest lecture on different fields. For those who need personal counseling, such provisions are also available.



Dear Applicant,

Greetings from Mount Mary Hr. Sec. School & College! Friends, by choosing to study in Mount Mary Hr. Sec. School/College, you have taken an important step to join the rank of achievers in different spheres of life and in various places around the globe who are proud to be the “Mt. Morians”.

 At this juncture you are at the threshold of a significant stage in your life and the decisions you make regarding the course you choose and the institute from which you complete are crucial to achieving your goals.

 My vision for you is that, “Every student passing out from our institute must be an important asset for the country, where you will contribute not only your knowledge and skills but also create an environment of wholesome atmosphere, by sharing the holistic education that you have gained from here”.

 As an institute focusing on providing holistic and quality education, we believe in setting up unique processes and methods which gears towards competency and confidence building having a positive attitude in the students which in turn increases employability.

 We stay off doing things the mainstream way and we assimilate new practices for the benefits of the students. Besides academic and intellectual input, adequate stress is laid in inculcating the traits of leadership and team spirit in order to facilitate students to realize their full potential.

 To implement such activities we have with us highly qualified and young and dynamic team comprising of the Teaching Faculty, Quality Management Cell, Counseling & Personality Development Cell, Student Body Cell, Leadership Building cell, Social Work cell etc. Such teams and activities are ever evolving as we envision and implement new and better programmes every year.

 “We at Mount Mary Hr. Sec. School/College, welcome your decision and application to be admitted as a student”.           *******************************************************