Our Facilities


Studying has a way of stirring up one’s appetite. When the craving for something delectable takes over, the Cafe comes to one’s rescue, offering great food at affordable prices. The Café doesn’t disappoint in terms of the sheer diversity or quality of the food, drinks and beverages. Just some things on the menu are Egg rolls, Dosas and Roti with Chole. There are also the Daily Specials to look forward to such as Momo, Chow etc. The cafeteria staffs are trained in nutrition and hence provide clean and nutritious food that appeals not onlt to one’s appetite but health too.

Academic Counseling:

The College provides counseling related to academic choices during the admissions process to enable students to decide upon their course of study. Teachers are always available within College and students can approach them with their academic problems.

Career counseling:

The College organizes talks with experts from various fields for the students to learn about prospective careers.

Personal Counseling:

The College employs a qualified Counselor who visits the College three times a week and helps students with their psychological and emotional problems.

Computer Lab

The College provides a well equipped Computer for students to carry out their course.
The computer laboratory was redesigned in a unique sitting pattern to facilitate imparting of instuctions as well as have freedom of movement between desks for the instructor to assist students individually. All the apparatus and PCs are upgraded to meet the requirements of changing technology and the University syllabi.


“We in this college are acutely aware of the need of a very good library, which may serve both students and staff. Few things can equal the lasting pleasure of a good book carefully read, and few things can have greater influences in moulding character, and through character even destiny itself”

MMC’s well-equipped and efficiently maintained Library with a computerized user-friendly data filing system, functions as an invaluable aid to every aspiring scholar. The Library employs the LIBSYS computerized library management system and several terminals are provided for students and faculty members to search for books/research material online.

The library presently boasts of an impressive stock of over one lakh books, including many written by MMC faculty members and alumna. New books are added to the library through the course of each academic year. It also subscribes to a range of more than 10 national and international journals.

The general library with its open-rack system, spacious reading room and reference section provides an atmosphere conducive to academic work. The library offers audio and video facilities for visually challenged students as well.

The Library staff is always available to assist students in finding material needed for their course work and other related pursuits.

Web Junction

Internet access is provided free of cost to all students and faculty members at the Web Junction in the library. Several terminals have been added in the general and reference sections to provide Internet access and connect to the INFILNET database


The department works towards the health, fitness and wellbeing of the entire MMC community. Its multi disciplinary prominence is the main characteristic of the department.

The department has been successful in looking beyond the stereotype image of sports limited to the sports fields and mere matter of winning and loosing. The department organizes talks, workshops & Seminars to bring awareness amongst the students with special reference to wellness, fitness, sports injuries, sports nutrition and drug abuse in sports etc. It has successfully introduced a certificate course in sports journalism. It also engages with elementary education department to teach physical education course and with BA Programme for application course on Fitness, Aerobics and Gym Operations. The department invites eminent sports personalities and sports scientist to engage with students.

LSR sports have a very vibrant calendar. The most awaited events are the Annual cross country run and Dr. Bharat Ram Inter College Sports meets which witnesses the participation from over forty institutions. The college has fourteen sports teams and namely in following disciplines of sports the college participates, Athletics, Archery, Badminton, Basketball, Chess, Air rifle shooting, Air pistol shooting, Swimming, Volleyball, Squash, Judo, Lawn tennis, Table Tennis, Artistic gymnastics, Rhythmic gymnastics, golf and equestrian. In addition regular yoga and aerobic classes are organized.

The college has a well equipped gym to cater to the needs of students looking for cardio-vascular workouts.

The National Service Scheme (NSS)

The National Service Scheme is a community service programme with the objective of building social consciousness in students. NSS provides an opportunity to students in the capacity of volunteers to venture out of their comfort zones and make a difference to society. Inspired by this philosophy, the curriculum of the NSS chapter of Mount Mary College comprises of a gamut of events and activities undertaken by volunteers who have channelized their creativity and spirit of volunteerism to bring about meaningful change.

Apart from being a part of activities launched by NSS, Nagaland Chapter, we at MMC have undertaken numerous projects that focus on a broad spectrum of issues in different social spheres which include education for underprivileged children, caring for the elderly, intervention techniques for the differently-abled and intellectually challenged, working with animal shelters and health centers associated with patients suffering from AIDS and Cancers of various kinds.

The NSS programme endeavors to sensitize the students to various social issues through discussion, debate, talks, seminars, workshops, music, awareness campaigns, street theatre and confluences.