Breaking stereotypical notions of education as a mere transaction of structured syllabi, the teaching learning processes at MMC reflect reciprocity between students and teachers. Teachers at MMC seek to instill in students a zest for learning. The capacity for original thought and the ability to see things from multiple perspectives are fostered. The bond that students and faculty members share is one of the greatest assets of the college. Discussions and activities within and outside the classroom are dynamic, dyadic, dialogic and collaborative. The emphasis is on a liberating pedagogy that can shatter myths, rescue imagination, develop critical thinking and initiate change


Board Of Director

C. Teeya Imsong

C. Teeya Imsong

Managing Director

M. Chuba Ao

M. Chuba Ao

Founding Chairman

C. Nukshimongla

C. Nukshimongla

Finance Director

Miss Nukshilemla Imsong

Miss Nukshilemla Imsong

Executive Director

Managing Committee

Dr. M. Chuba Ao              Chairman

Mr. C. Teeya Imsong      Offg. Principal (Secretary)

Mr. Bhim Bahadur          Vice Principal (Joint Secretary)

Mrs. Nungshimongla     Vice Principal, Treasurer

Mr. Marang Ao                HoD (Commerce), Member

Ms. Nukshilemla           Direcctor (Student Services), Member

Ms. Imlikumla               Administrator, Member

Dr. Nokdang                  Medical Practitioner, Member

Mr. Alempokba                 Principal, Sao Chang Govt. College, Member

Er. T. Temsu Ao                SDO (Project), Member

Mrs. T. Anungla                Associate Professor, Life Science, Member

Mr. Limatoshi Jamir         Asst. Controller, Member

Mrs. Halen Ao                   Dy. SP, Member

Mr. Imtitakba                   Senior Advocate, Member

Mr. Imosong Imsong        Asst. Commissioner of Taxes, Member

Mr. Jasojit Debnath         NU, Nominee



  1. Avinna Rajani – Principal, MA, Ph.D.            (College)
  2. Bhim Bahadur – Principal, MA, M.Ed.           (Hr. Sec)
  3. C. Teeya Imsong – Vice Principal, MA, M.Phil.(College & Vocational)
  4. Onen Temjen Ao – Vice Principal, M.Com         (College)
  5. C. Nungshimongla – Vice Principal, MA, B.Ed.   (Hr. Sec)
  6. Merangba Ao – Vice Principal, M.Com         (Hr. Sec)
  7. C. Nukshi Esther Imsong – Administrator & Counselor (Hr. Sec & College)